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Sunday, June 12, 2011

I actually wrote a pattern down as I was making it!

So I'm working on this huge crochet project for a friend, making all the toy food for her kid's play kitchen. I saw an onion like this on Etsy, but I didn't want to pay for the pattern, so I attempted to wing it and make something similar up.  This is the first pattern I've ever written that has a lot of steps. If you see any mistakes, or if you think something can be done better/easier, please don't hesitate to speak up! I have no idea what I'm doing, I freely admit this. Also, if the layout of this post looks weird, you can blame Blogger and me being too lazy to give a shit.


E, F, or G hook depending on the size of the onion you want

White, rust/orangey, light green, and tan yarn

Embroidery needle

Cut about 4, 2.5" long pieces of tan yarn and tie together in a knot leaving the ends long. Unravel the yarn by pulling it apart until it looks like hair, or the root threads of an onion.

R1: Using white yarn, 6 SC in magic loop with knot of unraveled, tan yarn in the middle of the ring. This will create the root threads. I suggest securing the knot by sewing it into the onion too, I pulled my entire root thread about by accident and it really sucked stuffing it back in there since my onion was already STUFFED AND FINISHED. D:

R2: 1 SC in each st (6 sts)

R3: 2 SC in each st around (12 sts)

R4: *SC 1, 2 SC in next st* rep 6 times (18 sts)

R5: *SC 2, 2 SC in next st* rep 6 times (24 sts)

R6: *SC 3, 2 SC in next st* rep 6 times (30 sts)

R7: *SC 4, 2 SC in next st* rep 6 times (36 sts)

R8: *SC 5, 2 SC in next st* rep 6 times (42 sts)

R9 - R14: SC around (42 sts)
R15: *SC 5, dec 1* rep 6 times (36 sts)

R16: *SC 4, dec 1* rep 6 times (30 sts)

R17: *SC 3, dec 1* rep 6 times (24 sts)

R18: *SC 2, dec 1* rep 6 times (18 sts)

R19: *SC 1, dec 1* rep 6 times (12 sts)

R 20: Dec 6 times (6 sts)

R21- R22: SC around (6 sts)

Switch to green yarn

R23 - R26: Sc around (6 sts)

R27: SC 1, dec, ch 1 turn.

R28: SC 2, ch 1 turn

Continue until leaf reaches desired length, then dec so one st remains, turn and SC 1, bind off. You can have really long leaves or short ones, but I recommend short ones because it will be annoying to thread the skin around long leaves. 

To make second leaf, join  yarn at 4th st in R26 and repeat steps for first leaf. Bind off, weave in ends.


With orange yarn, ch 13, join with SS in first SC to make a ring. 12 st

R1: *SC 1, 2 SC in next st* rep 6 times (18 sts)

R2: *SC 2, 2 SC in next st* rep 6 times (24 sts)

R3: *SC 3, 2 SC in next st* rep 6 times (30 sts)

R4: *SC 4, 2 SC in next st* rep 6 times (36 sts)

R5: *SC 5, 2 SC in next st* rep 6 times (42 sts)

R6-R12: SC around (42st)

R13-R15: SC 7, ch 1, turn

R16: SC 7, DO NOT CH 1, turn (this will create the first decrease)

R17: SC 4, dec 1, ch 1, turn (5 sts)

R18: SC 5, do not ch 1, turn

R19: SC 2, dec 1, ch 1, turn (3 sts)

R20: SC 3, ch 1, turn

R21: SC 3, do not ch 1, turn

R22: SC 2 (2 sts)

CH 10, join into a ring in 2nd ch, bind off.

To create the rest of the skin flaps, join at base of flap last made, and repeat steps. Weave in all ends, you're done!


  1. nice crap it is awesome

  2. thats most defiantly going into the my story sack

  3. Thank you so much for sharing these veggie and fruit patterns with everyone. They are supper awesome. I belong to the NYC Crochet Guild and for our luncheon this year for our center pieces are making Cornucopias with fruit and veggies in them. Thanks to many of your patterns they are coming out beautiful. I wish I could send you a picture. Keep up the good crap LOL

  4. Love love love! I made a bunch if your amigurumi food for my little cousin, she's 2, and she loves them!

  5. Awesome! Not just your pattern, but your spirited tutorial and delivery, too! I just started a crocheting 'class' (more of a teach yourself and ask questions format) to expand the sporadic family lessons of my youth. Play food for the toddlers I watch is what I'm tackling first. I've started with a banana [], and now I cannot wait to move on to your onion (and the others)!
    Thanks for keeping it light-hearted and clear enough for beginners. :)

  6. Thanks for sharing. Granddaughter is going to be delighted !

  7. So cute! Want to make some of these for two greatgrands: a boy &girl, just over a year apart for use in their play kitchen!

  8. I think it could be smaller